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Emperra revolutionizes Diabetes mellitus patient care!

Our digital solutions provide real time factual analytics

•  enabling caregivers to focus on patients with medical needs

•  while empowering patients to take charge of their Diabetes

•  and with healthier patients we contain costs for the health care



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Life with diabetes

Complete database for an optimized therapy

A complete documentation of insulin units and blood glucose values is the Basis of every diabetes therapy. Patients and caregivers spend a lot of time with the acquisition of this data.  The manual documentation is barely readable and the data is frequently either incomplete or even wrong. With ESYSTA you will receive a complete and correct database.

Diabetes today

A matter of good bookkeeping

The basis of  diabetes therapy and the therapy approach itself are diaries, written autonomously by patients or their nurses: a regular obligation with many potential sources of error. The consequences are dosing errors, bad metabolism, as well as  deviations from treatment recommendations. If these are not recognized on time, avoidable secondary complications  are the result.

Emperra - wieder Zeit fürs Leben für Diabetiker mit dem Esysta Produktsystem

From now on, not an issue anymore

Fully automatically exempted

From now on patients and caregivers do not need to have anything to do with the complex documentation of therapy data. ESYSTA fully automatically takes over the complete documentation of the given amounts of insulin and the blood glucose values. The diary is always up-to-date, complete and correct. The basis for an optimal treatment.

This is how therapy approaches become transparent, problem areas focused and the patient's treatment improved.


The therapeutic progress

Into the green range

Healthier patients gain quality of life and achieve immense savings for the cost bearers. The constant and automatic commmunication of the complete therapy data between patients and  their physician leads optimized therapy approaches like never before.

From now on every diabetes case will be led into the green range.

Please read here to find out how this works.


An ideal therapy involves the whole environment of the patient

The innovation

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