For smartphones and tablets

The ESYSTA App allows you to use the ESYSTA Portal on your smartphone.

Functions at a glance:

  • Detailed day-by-day display of blood glucose, insulin and carbohydrate units
  • Clear data evaluation / target range analysis
  • Fully automatic profile comparison of thresholds, insulin used and measuring units (mmol/l and mg/dl)
  • Daytime blood glucose profile in a 3 and 7-day view
  • Permanent visibility of insulin doses in a chart
  • Optional: automatic data synchronisation with the ESYSTA Portal
  • Rapid summary of metabolic control via the ESYSTA traffic lights
  • Ability to release data to doctors
  • CE-registered as a medical device under number DE/ CA76/H00075/04
  • Data protection and IT security safeguarded in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013

New functions

  • New: Easily import blood glucose and insulin data via Bluetooth
  • Support for Beurer GL50 evo, GlucoCheck Gold
  • Support for the new ESYSTA BT Pen
  • Improved Android 6.x compatibility
  • New interface, simple and clearly laid out
  • Manual recording of blood glucose measurement values, insulin doses and carbohydrate units
  • Clearly laid out timeline diary
  • Can be used offline

Minimal requirements:

  • Android:8.0 or higher
  • iOS: 13.0 or higher

The user has several options for using the App:

For beginners:

The App is used on the device (smartphone or tablet) for manual diary management without an ESYSTA account. The traffic lights and release of data for doctors cannot be used in this case. The entered data is stored only on the device used.

For more advanced users:

The user registers with ESYSTA and receives an user account. You can then manage the diary via the App as well as view it on the PC at and, if you wish make the data available to your diabetes team. The innovative traffic light function is included with this user level.

For professionals:

It is also possible to have the App diary managed completely automatically. To do this, the user must have a user account and the entire ESYSTA product system comprising the insulin pen, blood glucose meter and base station.