Blood glucose meter

The easy-to-operate blood glucose meter transmits measured values and entered bread units fully automatically to the ESYSTA Basis.

  • Enter the carbohydrate units
  • Blood glucose measuring period: 5 seconds
  • Automatic transfer of measured and entered values via the ESYSTA Basis to the ESYSTA Portal
  • Memory capacity: approx. 1000 data records
  • Display and test strip port illuminated
  • Blood sample: 0.6 µl capillary whole blood
  • Replaceable batteries (last for several months)
  • Units supported: mmol/l and mg/dl
  • Dimensions in mm (width x height x depth): 50 x 87 x 17
  • Weight: 58 g

The ESYSTA Lab and associated test strips satisfy the latest ISO standard 15197:2013 (valid since 1 June 2016).

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ESYSTA test strips, 50 pcs

PZN 9732354


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