Smart insulin pen – compatible with all major insulin brands

The world’s first insulin pen to automatically transfer the amounts of insulin dispensed via ISM wireless technology to ESYSTA Basis.

  • Compatible with all major 3 ml insulin cartridges (100 IU/ml)
  • Display of the last insulin dose delivered
  • Adapter for all major 3 ml (100 IU/ml) insulin cartridges
  • Automatic, wireless transfer of injected insulin doses, including the date and time, to the ESYSTA Portal.
  • Countdown display during the injection
  • Dose correction without loss of insulin
  • Replaceable batteries (last for up to a year)
  • Memory capacity: approx. 1,000 data records
  • Dimensions in mm (length x height x depth): approx. 180 x 23 x 25
  • Weight without insulin cartridge: approx. 65 g

Black pen PZN: 9732414
White pen PZN: 11241818

Reimbursement number (Germany):

ESYSTA  Accessories | Adapter

By using the ESYSTA Adapter, all major 3 ml (100 IU/ml) insulin cartridges can be used with the ESYSTA Pen.

Adapter A, PZN 12393476 (Lilly, Berlin-Chemie) Holder A/B
Adapter B, PZN 12393507 (Sanofi-Aventis) Holder A/B
Adapter C, PZN 12393513 (Novo Nordisk) Holder C

Reimbursement number (Germany):

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