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Emperra GmbH E-Health Technologies is a research- and development-driven digital medical-technology company providing highly innovative approaches and solutions in the fields of e-health technologies and telediabetology.

Emperra combines innovative software with future-oriented hardware, integrating these into a basic medical/scientific concept to provide telemedicine product systems for patients with diabetes mellitus.

The company is controlled by leading venture capital firms and institutional investors. If you are interested in becoming an investor, please contact us.

The CE-marked ESYSTA system is currently made available in Germany and FDA approval is planned for. Emperra is looking for capable distribution partners.

Dr. med. Janko Schildt

Managing Director & Founder

(CEO & Founder)

One of the founders of Emperra E-Health Technologies GmbH. Janko is in charge of the scientific development and improvement of ESYSTA. He has a PhD in medicine and has published numerous essays in the field of e-health.

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Jens-Florian Krieg



The team all-rounder with a focus on finance has a Diploma in Economics and has experience in finance, general management, investor relations, marketing, procurement, logistics and operations. He has worked with SMEs and tech-startups in the USA, Australia, China & other Asian countries.

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Dr. med. Markus Bentrup



As Head of Product Development, Markus played a decisive role in establishing Emperra’s quality management system and was responsible for bringing the product portfolio to market. He has a degree in medicine and a PhD in cell physiology.

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